International Journal of Service Management and Sustainability (IJSMS)

eISSN 2550-1569

Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak

Vol. 4 No.1 June 2019

1. Visual Merchandising and Customers’ Impulse Buying Behavior: A Case of a Fashion Specialty Store
2. Undergraduates’ Speaking Anxiety in English as Second Language (ESL) Classrooms
3. Promoting Students’ Interest, Attitude and Intrinsic Motivation Towards Learning STEM Through Minimalist Robot Education Programme
4. Integrating Peace Education in Pre-Service Teachers Training Programs: Views from Teacher Educators and Prospective Teachers in Pakistan
5. Assessing the Awareness and Perception of Hoteliers towards Shariah Compliant Hotel Operations

Vol. 3 No.2 December 2018

1. Interactive English Language Learning: DishZle Language Game
2. ‘Success in Six’ Model to Increase Efficiency and Green Productivity
3. Focus Group Interview as a Means to Determine School Effectiveness Indicators
4. Impact of Sales Promotion on Customer Intention to Purchase High Involvement Product
5. A Supply Chain Vulnerability Map for the Automotive and Electronic Industries in Brazil

Vol. 3 No.1 June 2018

1. Economies of Scale in Local Government Services: A Meta Analysis
2. Student Community Engagement: Insight from Australia
3. In Pursuit of Financial Well-Being: The Effects of Financial Literacy, Financial Behaviour and Financial Stress On Employees in Labuan
4. Dissatisfiers and Demand of Hotels with Poor Online Rating
5. Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: The Role of Board of Directors and Audit Committee in Financially Distressed Firms

Vol. 2 No.2 December 2017

1. Virtual Managers' Perspective on Adoption of New Work Forms - Case of Estonian Service Sector
2. Environmental Legislation Awareness Among Construction Contractors in Malaysia
3. The Influence of Perceived Benefits on Young Malaysian Facebook Users' on Homestay Reservation Intention
4. The Influence of Patient-Perceived Service Quality and Brand Trust on Word of Mouth
5. An Empirical Analysis of Administrative Economic Efficiency in Sabah Local Government: A DEA Application
6. A Descriptive Analysis of Financial Restatements in Malaysia

Vol. 2 No.1 June 2017

1. Documenting Ethnobotanical Knowledge Of Rural Community For Sustainable Benefits
2. Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using A Sustainable Treatment Technique
3. Developing A Framework For The Success Of International Development Projects In The Maldives
4. Delineating Agritourism: Insights From Gujarat, India
5. Self-Perceived Emotional Intelligence In Leadership Of Administrative Academic Staff
6. The Quality Of Stakeholder Engagement Disclosures In Sustainability Reports: A Preliminary Study From Indonesia

Vol. 1 No.1 Dec 2016

Message by Chief Editor

1. The Implication Of Servicescape, Emotion And Trust To A Positive Customer Service Experience: Wellness Spa Context In The U.S
2. A Journey To Measure Student Community Engagement Benefits: Evidence From Australia
3. Carbon Disclosure Practices Of Aerospace And Airlines Companies: Substantive Or Symbolic Legitimation
4. Residents’ Perception As Key Input To Destination Image Formation For Rural Tourism
5. Relationship Between Brand Equity And Consumer Purchase Decision: A Case Of An International Brand Of Footwear
6. QFD Approach For Quality Improvement Of A Sustainable Product-Service System